With a pattern inspired by the flawless reflections of nature, expertly crafted like a jewel for 4.5 billion years by the Earth itself…


Italian Nature in the Breath of Ceramics “Our flawless patterns and textural aesthetics were inspired by the unique nature of Italy and brought to life in our ceramics by activating our artistic impulses.”

When it comes to color, shape, and texture, Italy's natural heritage is the perfect inspiration for Majorca Tiffany. Seas, rocks, and forests are the creative elements that add eternity to our special collections with all their vitality. Each one is more unique than the other and is the work of a 4.5 billion-year-old story.

Inspired by the reflections of thousands of years of Italian natural wonders with their rich beauties that the world favors while creating, Majorca Tiffany gives life to her ceramic designs through their eye-catching textures shaped by the fairy-tale love of night and day, and original characters gained by the touches of the seasons.

An eye-catching design power that carries the texture and heritage of nature to living spaces; Majorca Tiffany

The story of our inspiring ceramics, which carries the unique art of nature to every area it touches, begins in Sassuolo, Italy, in 1966. While bringing together the flawless aesthetic understanding brought by Italy, the homeland of unique landscapes, to which we are passionately attached, with the ceramic tradition, Majorca Tiffany draws attention with its distinctive character since its establishment. It is known more and more in the global market every day, rises with the power of experienced master hands, increases its new investments in the global market by intensifying its innovative steps. And today, it continues to shape the market trends with its ceramics that carry the perfection of Italian aesthetics.

Nature Doesn't Get Tired of Designing Unique Landscapes, We Are Inspired By Its Eternity and Continue to Produce With All Our Strength! Behind our special collections, which are the reflection of elegance, aesthetics, and nobility with their splendor and beauty, we have a strong team that works nonstop as well as the artistic touches of nature.

A team working with passion to bring the breath of nature to your living spaces

From our designers to our sales team, from our production staff to our management staff, each of our employees is a unique mosaic that represents the strong spirit of our family. We are more and more proud of our staff that continues to produce without stopping so that a great effort will reach you with an understanding of superior quality. High-tech production facility combining traditional craftsmanship with innovation

We make a difference with our state-of-the-art devices in our fully integrated production facilities within the framework of special or stocked production to meet customer needs. We continue to shape market trends with our innovative approach that adds value to our production processes.

Creative combinations that equally good as art galleries in your living spaces

For us, each of our ceramics is a unique reflection of Italian aesthetics. Our projects developed by our designers and architects in cooperation with their innovative vision create harmonious living spaces with splendor that will make all visitors jealous. We are happy to create subjective stories that bring together each unique piece with a noble harmony.